The Holiday Season is a very busy time of year.  Here are a few tips to help you and your kids enjoy the season.

hilliard preschoolRemember Routines:

For parents of preschool parents, this is especially good advice. The holiday season tends to bring the need to fill schedules, rush about and shop ,shop ,shop. Our preschool friends are often up past bedtime, skipping naps, and rushing about with family members. When their routine is broken stress often results.

Santa is Not for Everyone:

For some children, the man with the long white beard and big belly is a scary person. Remember that you have been teaching your children to be aware of strangers and now this jolly guy wants them to sit on his lap. If they do not want to sit on his lap, please do not make him or her. They can watch from a distance, send a note in the mail or simply stand and talk with Santa. Respect their feelings.


Have you ever noticed the lines at fast food restaurants as the holidays approach? The reason being that most do not have time to cook a nutritious meal. Add into the equation all those sugary treats that are found at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, at school and at your home with the results being that you have one little person with a great big tummy ache. Try to make simple, quick healthy meals even if it is just scrambled eggs, toast and a fruit. You will be glad that you made the extra effort.

Take Time to Breathe:

Everyone in your family needs time to relax. Take a deep breath and realize that it is okay to slow down and take a nap. Both you and your child will feel better after resting for a bit. A well-rested child will be much happier on a trip to the store than one who is in need of a nap.

Remember a Few of His/Her Favorite Things:

If you are traveling for the holidays, bring your child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal. A bit of home will make your child feel more comfortable. Laughter: Laughter is a well known stress reliever. Lighten the mood with a funny movie, a game the whole family would enjoy, visiting the Zoo Lights, or simply cuddling with a cute picture book. You will be glad that you did.